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Bruno Schulz

The city of Drohobych is famous as the motherland of Bruno Schulz – polish writer and artist of Jewish origins. Bruno Schulz was born in Drohobych, and almost all his life is connected with this Galician town, which becomes also a hero of writer’s novels.

As Brody for Joseph Roth, Drohobych with its Galician realities, whether, streets, shops, gymnasium, theater and people characters became the source of constant artistic inspiration for Bruno Schulz. The tragedy of Jewish community in Drohobych during Nazi occupation became a personal tragedy of the famous writer – in November 1942 he was shot in the city getto.

The year 1992 UNESCO declared as the Year of Bruno Schulz. His book "Cinnamon Shops" and "Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass" translated into all European languages as well as Japanese, Hebrew, Korean.

On our „Literature tour” you can get to know more closely the birthplace of Bruno Schulz as well as other attractions of Drohobych town.