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Joseph Roth

The famous Austrian writer and journalist Joseph Roth was born in Brody. At that time it was a small Galician town on the border of Austrian-Hungary and Russia Empire. Joseph Roth spent his childhood in Brody and was studying in the local gymnasium. Being 18 years old, he left his small motherland, firstly going for studies to Lviv and then moving to Vienna, Berlin, and Paris. Joseph Roth had never come back to Brody after he left the town but in his novels every time he was drawing inspiration out of his childhood memories. In the most famous novels of Joseph Roth "Radetzky March", "Job", "Hotel Savoy", "The Emperor's Tomb" or "The Leviathan" there appear the characters, architecture, events which were coming out of the nostalgic memories. The descriptions of a town, which is often missing its name, perfectly reflect the geography, culture, and realities of life in a small Galatian town of Brody. Even now those who are acquainted with the works of Joseph Roth will easily recognize in Brody the whole passages from Joseph Roth novels…

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