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Leopold von Sacher Masoch

The famous Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher Masoch was born in 1836 in Lviv. At that time Lvov (Lviv) was the capital of Galicia under the Austrian influence.

His father was the police director who took the surname of his wife Scharlotta Masoch – the daughter of professor and rector of Lviv University Franc von Masoch.

Leopold attended secondary school in Lvov. After finishing school and studies, he became known by his art and imagination. In his first book "Don Juan of Kolomyia" (today the town of Kolomyia and the point of REISEWELT UKRAINE tours) he described aesthetically the instinctive desire of pain and suffering of men in relationships with women. After him, then masochism was named in 1886. Occasionally, should also be mentioned that the roots of the famous founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud come also from Galicia.

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