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Paul Celan

 The most famous German-language poet Paul Celan was born in the city of Chernivtsi. At that time Chernivtsi was a part of Romania. Celan family belonged to German-speaking Jews. Thus, all those facts were influencing the identity of the artist and his outlook. In the period of 1934-1938, Paul Celan was studying in the Chernivtsi Lyceum – there was a perfect ground for studying languages (German, French, Romanian, and Russian). Already at that time he writes his first poems. Later, Celan used his languages knowledge to translate Russian poems into Romanian language. Here in Chernivtsi he lived over the tragedy of his life – the occupation of the city by German-Romanian troops in 1941 with all its consequences – getto, deportation of the family, working camp in Romania…

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