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Mykola Amosov

 MYKOLA AMOSOV ( 1913 – 2002), Olkhovo, Russian Empire 

Mykola Amosov was born in December 6, 1913 in village Olkhovo, Volhohrad region, in a very poor family. The boy was brought up by mother, who worked as a midwife and who disliked bribery – this was a great example for future surgeon during the whole his life. At age 18, he got education of engineer and in 21 he got married. The world wouldn’t know this brilliant heart surgeon, if he hadn’t started to study at Medical institute of Arhangelsk. In 1939 Amosov graduated with big success. What happened next? And then started the war, in which he took part as a surgeon in a hospital, there he operated over 4000 patients.  1952 the doctor moved to Kyiv, where he spent 49 years of his life. In 40 Amosov defended his doctoral thesis and headed Medical institute of Kyiv. During this time he made plenty of experiments with heart valves (despite of big risks). Owing to these investigations the surgeon made a huge progress in the world of medicine. 1958 Amosov started to collaborate with Institute of cybernetics in the branch of investigations. As his main specialty he chose heart surgery. In 70, talented doctor headed Kyiv’s Research Institute of cardiovascular surgery, which is located on Protrasiv Yar Street, 6.  Over 150 candidates of science and 40 doctors, who take care of human hearts, are working today at Mykola Amosov Institute. During his work he invented many new methods of surgical heart treatment. Life credo of the brilliant surgeon was self-improvement for salvation of human lives. At age 89 Mykola Amosov died.