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Initially, the "Roztochya” Natural Reserve was established in 1984 on the area of 2 804 hectares. Geographically it extends from Javoriv area in Lviv region to Tomaszow Lubelski and Krasnik in Lublin region (Poland). 

The Ukrainian part of Roztochya Natural Reserve has large ecosystem and landscape biodiversity with a wide range of floristic in particular. It’s also interesting and unique from the historical point of view with its’ local ethnographic peculiarities, traditional crafts, folk arts. Additionally, beautiful landscape and climate conditions are quite suitable for the development of recreational and touristic activities here.

Researches of environmental changes in Roztochya in frames of the national monitoring program "Chronicle of Nature" were conducted, documented and analyzed during 25 years.

On June 30, 2011 the International Coordinating Council of UNESCO's environmental program "Man and Biosphere" (MAB) approved 18 new areas into the global network of Biosphere reserves. Among them, the Biosphere reserve “Roztochya” in western Ukraine.

Roztochya takes its beginning in the northwestern Ukraine, 20 km away from the city of Lviv (Lemberg, Lvov). The area of this Biosphere Reserve today is 74,800 hectares. This is one of the eight UNESCO recognized reserve on the territory of Ukraine. Naturally, the region is characterized mainly by landscapes, livestock, and fish farming.

Old local pine and beech forests, the Ural owls, and the European pond turtles are particularly worth of attention and protection. The locals get their vital products mainly through agriculture and forestry activities. Now due to developing of sustainable tourism in the region, it’s economy starts growing.

Since the Reserve is located on the Polish border, the establishment of Polish-Ukrainian cross-border Biosphere Reserve is the long term aim for the Reserve functioning. Contacts with the Polish partners already established and relevant negotiations take place.