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Highlights of the trip:

  • downtown of Lviv (World Heritage Site)
  • nights in a 5-star hotel Leopolis with a top location in the old city
  • Romantic guided tour with unforgettable love stories
  • 2 romantic dinners in the best restaurants of the city
  • highly romantic atmosphere during your stay in the hotel Leopolis is guaranteed

Day 1. Arrival to Lviv.  Romantic evening with dinner in the restaurant
Day 2. Program in Lviv
Day 3. Departure  form Lviv

Day 1. Arrival to Lviv. Romantic evening with dinner in the restaurant

• Meeting with your personal tour guide in the arrival area at the airport

• Transfer to a 5-star Hotel Leopolis in Lviv. Check in.

• Getting acquainted with the city: orientation tour through romantic corners in the downtown area.

Every city has its own atmosphere and character, this is also about Lviv. This unique city was founded in 1256, and since 1998 it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its many historic buildings.

Narrow streets of the old town, paving stones, chimes of the Town Hall and numerous churches - all this creates an unforgettable romantic atmosphere ... .This city lives its own life, one can say undoubtedly that Lviv is not only made of stone, but it also has its own soul: street musicians set the pace, dances in the town square "in the rhythm of the heart", numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants, where the life vibrates, horse-drawn carriages in the city center. You should definitely experience all this in person!

Lviv also has its own smell – you can smell a fragrant aroma of coffee everywhere in the city, even in places where no coffee houses can be seen. It permeates the whole city with a mysterious secret of coffee. That is why Lviv was often referred as a coffee capital of Ukraine.

• A romantic dinner in one of the best restaurants of Lviv.

• An overnight at the hotel

Day 2. Program in Lviv

• rich room breakfast

• relaxing program in the spa area of ​​the hotel

• 10:00 to 18:00 – a romantic city tour with breaks for lunch and dinner.

We would suggest you to make a very interesting walk through the old streets of Lviv. During this walk you will feel a breath of centuries and plunge into the world of medieval architecture which the famous Casanova admired only a few centuries ago. This city is surrounded by the mysterious light of old lanterns and a smell of coffee, the houses are traversed by the unique charm of the lute, ghosts and legends ...

We will tell you unforgettable love stories that have created the history of the city and its inhabitants for centuries. Visit the terrace for lovers, Italian courtyard, Schlossberg, Bernardine monastery, the Dominican Church and many other interesting places that guard the secrets of lovers for centuries.

After the walk a pleasant surprise in Lviv "Chocolate Factory" will be waiting for you - a special place where the love feelings arise.

Thereafter, a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant. Here your guide will leave you(for about 1 hour) and give you a chance to enjoy a quiet romantic meal in peace.

After lunch we will continue our sightseeing tour: we will again plunge into the atmosphere of the old streets, and you find out why coffee is so popular in Lviv. The secret is that only here, in Lviv, you can make coffee according to the Lviv tradition. In addition, you can try the real Lviv coffee only in the downtown area, and nowhere else! Coould we arise your curiosity? Then, we would like to invite you to one of the most famous patisseries in Lviv - "Zukernya" – for coffee and dessert!

Afterwards we will visit the Lviv residence of King Jan III. Sobieski, and of course, "the pearl of European architecture" - Lviv Opera House.

And then ... the highlight of our walking tour - a romantic dinner! The cozy atmosphere of one of the best restaurants in Lviv, a candlelit dinner with accompanying game of the old wing or jazz rhythms of saxophone ... This can be an unforgettable memory of this cuddly weekend in Lviv!

(Next day, you will get an exclusive photo album with the photos that are taken by our photographers during this walking tour).

Day 3. Departure  form Lviv

• Rich breakfast buffet

• Optional guide to High Castle.

The highest mountain of Lviv – High Castle (413 m above the sea level) - was artificially made at the end of the 19th century. An old shady park around High Castle, the ruins of the ancient castle, the viewing platform, where you can enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful city panorama, plus interesting stories from the life of Lviv and its inhabitants will leave pleasant romantic memories with you.

• Check-out at the hotel

• The driver will safely bring you to the airport with the best impressions about Lviv


Price per person: on request

Included services:

  • VIP Transfer airport-hotel-airport
  • 2 nights in a 5-star boutique hotel Leopolis with a top location Old Town Lviv
  • Extensive breakfast buffet at the hotel, upon request cuddle breakfast in your room
  • Cuddle package (Fresh fruit and 1 bottle of sparkling wine in the room)
  • Use of the spa area in the hotel
  • A welcome dinner upon the arrival day
  • An all-day program runs on the 2nd day, incl. lunch, coffee with dessert and in the evening - a candlelit dinner in an elegant restaurant in the city center
  • A sweet souvenir in Lviv Chocolate Factory


Additionally bookable romantic extras:

  • Top! - your personal photographer will accompany you during the program on Saturday (a photo album or CD with photos "Love Story") – approx. 100 EUR! Top
  • A guided tour to High Castle of Lviv - the mountain for lovers with a view
  • Booking tickets for opera or philharmonie (depending on the schedule)
  • A romantic ride by a horse-drawn carriage
  • A trip to surroundings or into the Carpathians


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