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REISEWELT UKRAINE means trips to Eastern Europe!

We are a DMC Ukraine and Ukraine Incoming Tour Operator and specialize in Ukraine guided group and Ukraine individual trips as well as trips to Eastern Europe. We plan and arrange with great pleasure your next trip to Ukraine to such cities as Lviv, Kiev and Odessa, as well as trips to the Carpathian Mountains. We look forward to welcoming you on your next trip to Ukraine or Eastern Europe! REISEWELT Ukraine is a tour operator (travel agency, tour operator), specializes in trips to Ukraine. Our headquarter is in Lvov (Lviv, Western Ukraine), and we are an experienced team for any kind of trips to Ukraine such as travelling throughout Ukraine, study tours to Western Ukraine and whole country, city trips to Kiev, Lvov (Lviv) and Odessa, cultural travel as well as active travel to the Carpathians that include cycling, hiking, skiing, rafting, horseback riding, mountain bike tours or green tourism in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Carpathians. Hotel Kiev, Hotel Lviv or Hotel Odessa - we book for you the best hotel in Ukraine. You can do our guided trips around Ukraine by a comfortable minibus or bus, by train or by plain using Ukraine domestic flights. You can also organize the arrival to Ukraine via flights to Lviv, Kiev or Odessa. No visa is needed to enter Ukraine. The visa-free entry to Ukraine is very convenient. The pass for the entry to Ukraine must be valid for at least 3 months. You can also enter Ukraine by car, currently we recommend to do it via Hungary

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Ukraine offers beautiful destinations, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ukraine, Western Ukraine with Galicia, the former capital of Galicia Lvov (Lviv, Lviv, Lvov) and the Ukrainian Carpathians with the highest peak Hoverla (Hoverla), Chernovits (Chernivtsi) and Bukovyna, the capital and the largest city of Ukraine - Kyiv (Kiev) with the Yanukovych pageantry palace in Mezhihorye (Mezhyhirya, Mizhhirya) which the ex-President of Ukraine has hastily left during the Revolution and Maidan Movement( or the Ukraine crisis) in Ukraine. The Pechersk Lavra is the highest peak of Kiev, and Kiev is a starting point for a Chernobyl tour since Chernobyl lies north from Kiev. We can organize individual or group tours to Chernobyl. Start is at the hotel in Kiev. In 2016 there will be 30 years after Chernobyl disaster occurred on 04/26/1986. This nuclear disaster in Chernobyl was a unique nuclear disaster - now a visiting tour to Chernobyl is possible. In Eastern Ukraine is located Odessa, a city and a pearl of the Black Sea, a city of beautiful women and girls as well as a city of a beautiful hotel. The most beautiful women in the world are no coincidence - the residents of Odessa are a centuries-old mix from all over the world and especially cheerful people. Every year there is a meeting in Odessa, a festival of humor on April 1. Odessa has a priceless atmosphere due to its port on the Black Sea and its boulevards and promenade as well as the humor. You will live in Odessa in the Hotel at the Black Sea. Therefore, Odessa is also called a pearl of the Black Sea and is at Top 10 of Ukraine. Odessa and its region offer highlights such as the Potemkin Stairs, Odessa Catacombs or the Odessa Opera House. Odessa is also famous as a wine region, in Odessa region, and it is known as a part of Bessarabia today, there are many excellent wineries, and a highlight is the cognac of Odessa. For example, Shustov Cognac and Shustov Museum. Further to the south is the Danube Delta, one of the biggest highlights in Bessarabia and a must visit in Ukraine. Approximately 30% of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is located in Ukraine. The city Vylkove (Vylkovo), also known as Venice of Ukraine, is a starting point for tours along the Danube Delta, Danube Delta excursions, exploration of the Danube Delta such as birdwatching and drive to 0 km. A special experience is a visit of Old Believers, called Lipovanern, and a folklore performance in the Danube Delta with the local people. A Danube Delta excursion goes through many channels of the Danube arm. The Danube Delta and the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve in Ukraine have great advantages in comparison to Romania - no mass tourism and short distances to bird watching, the Black Sea and authentic visits to Lipovans in Vylkove. Fishing in the Danube Delta or only eating fish in the Danube Delta is a top tip from REISEWELT UKRAINE: during our guided tours you will get a chance to try fish soup and other local dishes typical for Ukraine. Visit the Danube delta in Ukraine together with us. During the Ukrainian crisis, Crimea was annexed. The Crimea annexation in 2014 ended a free access for tourists from the Ukrainian mainland. Currently we are conducting no trips to Crimea. You need a visa for travelling there. However, Odessa has a strong substitute to the Crimean trips. Right now we cannot say when we will start to offer tours to the Crimean Peninsula again. Mostly our Ukrainian trips connect such cities as Odessa, Kiev and Lviv. The connection with an overnight train or flight within Ukraine is a simple thing for our organization. Wherever you are in Ukraine, we organize all the necessary train or air tickets, bus tickets or a taxi for you. For our guests we prepare timetables, information, travel details and safety instructions regarding Ukraine. There is no travel warning for Ukraine. Ukraine is safe. The safety is given in Ukraine, we conduct all the tours with the greatest security. Concerning traveling to Donetsk and Luhansk, we state that REISEWELT UKRAINE has never had any trips to Eastern Ukraine in its program. Our Ukrainian destinations are located solely in the western part of the country and include such cities as Lemberg and Chernovits, Ukrainian capital Kiev and Odessa as well as southern Ukraine with its Danube Delta.Very often our Ukrainian tours include neighboring countries of Ukraine. Arrivals or journeys back home through Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland are quite self-evident components of our tours to Ukraine and Eastern Europe. We see trips within Eastern Europe as a link between cultures. In such Eastern European countries as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, we cooperate with established partners who offer travelling in Eastern Europe and conduct it together with us. Each tour operator, Incoming Tour Operator is therefore responsible for his country. We are specialists in trips throughout Ukraine and Eastern Europe. For example, you can combine your travel to Georgia and the Caucasus with your travel to Ukraine. The destination to Georgia or the Caucasus region can be reached by your own vehicle or SUVs with the help of the Jeep tour through Ukraine. Travel through Ukraine to Odessa, by ferry to Georgia from Odessa. We provide ferry tickets from Odessa to Georgia and back. We also take care of your accommodation and travel through Ukraine to Georgia or the Caucasus.

If the Caucasus and Georgia are too far for you, Poland is too little adventurous, we recommend a visit to the Carpathians, a Carpathian travel to Ukraine is very special and Top 10 of the Ukrainian trips. Wild, authentic, green, friendly, culinary and stress free is a journey in Western Ukraine. Beautiful Carpathian Hotels, rivers in the Carpathian Mountains, which invite for a bath or rafting in the Carpathians for swimming - also ideal for your business trip. If you think about Teambuilding in the Carpathians, a top event in Western Ukraine, we are exactly those specialists in event management in Lviv Event Organization in the Carpathians. Business trip Ukraine, selling seminar Ukraine, Company Incentive Ukraine or simply an unusual motivational event for your team and employees. We will make your groups Incentive Ukraine a highlight in this country! Shared Jeep Offroad Tour or a quad ride in the Ukrainian Carpathians, hiking, husky races or waterfall climbing, shared team rafting in Ukraine, mountain biking to the highest mountain of Ukraine or just resting in one of the finest hotels in the Carpathians. Only an hour's flight separates Lviv (Lemberg) from Vienna and Lviv from Munich. Your Company Event in western Ukraine will be just perfect. REISEWELT UKRAINE guarantees to make your event in Ukraine truly fun-filled, exciting and culinary. Our head office is located in Lviv, western Ukraine. Lviv (as it is also well-known) is the absolute capital of culture and a festival capital of Ukraine. The EURO 2012 took place in Lviv, formerly a part of the Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire, the impetus for the city development for Ukrainian travelers, for Ukrainian and foreign tourists. Lemberg is UNESCO Heritage Site. Most UNESCO Heritage Sites are located in Lviv region. [hide]