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Here are our Transcarpathian trips:

Chynadiievo is a fairy urban type settlement in Transcarpathian region situated north-east of the city Mukachevo. It is located in the valley of the river Latoryzia on the road which connects Mukachevo and Svaliava. Approximately 6800 inhabitants live in the town.

Nowadays to the municipality of Chynadiievo belong formerly independent territories of Nyzhnia Hrabivnycia and Hlynianets as well as the the villages Karpaty and Syniak.

Chynadiievo is one of the few places in Ukraine, where one can find two ancient castles preserved till now: the summer residence of the count Shonborn and the Sent-Miklosch castle.

In 1729 on the place where nowadays stands the castle, there was the hunter house, since the family of Shonborn counts went often for hunting. And only in 1890, the magnificent palace in the French Romanticism style of was built. The architecture of the palace is very interesting and symbolic: there are 365 windows, 52 rooms and 12 entrance doors – as many, as days, weeks and months in the year.

In front of the castle there was built fountain in the shape of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy as it looked on the map. The castle of the counts of Shonborn today is a healing place where the heart diseases are treated.

 The second important attraction inChynadiievo is the Sent-Miklosh (Sent-Nicolaus) castle, which history reaches back to 13 century. The castle is not often visited by guests, since nowadays it stays in a really poor condition. Already for the last 30 years the artist Joseph Bartosch has been taking care on his own about protection and reconstruction of the castle.