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Mizhhiria & Synevyr Lake

Mizhhiria is a village with the urban character, located in Transcarpathian region.

According to the census of 2004 in Mizhhiria live 9421 people. The village was founded in 1415 and nowadays is a famous Carpathian resort and touristic center of the region. The highest mountains located near Mizhhiria are Kamianka (1587m) in the north-eastern side and Kuk (1365m) in the south west side of the village.

The 500-year old oak tree which is located right in the center of Mizhhiria amazes by its unique beauty and is one of the greatest natural treasures of the resort.

Near Mizhhiria there is a picturesque lake called Synevyr. It is the largest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Synevyr is located 989 m above the sea level and is a part of the National Park "Synevyr". The lake belongs to the district Mizhhiria in Transcarpathia.

This lake is one of the most interesting and important properties of the "Synevyr" National Park, thus known as one of the business cards of Ukraine. The area of the lake is 7 ha, the average depth is 8-10 m, the maximum depth – 22 m. The landscape in the neighborhood is very picturesque and magnificent. The downhill slopes around the lake are covered with slender fir trees which are bout 160-year-old. The trees reach up to the lake shore. In the middle of the lake there is a tiny island with only a few square meters, that’s why it is called "Lake’s eye".

The legend says that the lake emerged from the tears of the daughter of the Count. Her name was Syń. She fell in love with the poor young shepherd Vyr from Verkhovyna, but the father could not allow his only daughter to marry a shepherd. The father ordered his servants to kill the shepherd and at the place where it happened, Syń began to cry and her tears swam the entire valley.

Because of the sorrow the young lady rushed into the blue depths of the water and since then the lake was named after two amorous souls "Synevyr".

The national park has created three trails, here works a network of recovery points and a wide range of activities, such as Horse riding or biking.

There are three hiking trails in the "Synevyr" National Park. Also, there works a net of recovery points and a wide range of activities, such as horse riding or biking, are at visitors’ disposal.