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Highlights of the trip:

  •  Agricultural excursions
  •  Informative guided tour
  •  Professional presentations
  •  Extensive cultural activities, depending on the tourist region
  •  Excellent Ukrainian cuisine

In its agriculture Ukraine belongs to the global players. About half of the land area is fertile farmland, which has contributed a lot to the embossed image of the "granary" of Europe in the West. Nowadays one can undoubtedly say that the agricultural and food sectors of the country play an important role not only in the Ukrainian economy, but also on a global scale. Tight integration and a leading position in the global markets for grains and oilseeds, deliveries of agricultural products to Europe and Asia, large investments in the economy of Ukraine, active participation in international capital markets - these are just a few examples from a long list of achievements of the Ukrainian agribusiness during recent years.

All agricultural regions of Ukraine are very interesting in their own way, still very different. Depending on your interests and the time available,  you could include one or more regions in one tour:

For example, in Western Ukraine there are small structured companies and a lot of so-called farmer economies. The main priorities of the region are agriculture and dairy farming; Central Ukraine is the so-called heart of agriculture - an ideal production location; in the south, the farms and surfaces are even greater. Vegetable farms, that produce large areas in irrigated areas, have developed greatly in recent years. On the other hand, Eastern Ukraine is more of an industrial region in which agriculture plays only a subordinate role.

During an agricultural tour to Ukraine you will get a good opportunity to make your own picture about our country, the largest country in Europe. You will gain a comprehensive model of the general agricultural situation: soil, climate, supply of the necessary production resources, production distribution channels and price developments, investments, agricultural education and work forces, taxation of the industry, learning about production methods and market overview ... etc.

You will have a look at very interesting companies which operate modern husbandry and achieve good results. During this trip you will be able to find new ideas and factors of success for your own business.

REISEWELT Ukraine has many years of experience in the organization and management of specialist agricultural tours. On request, we organize lectures and joint events with regional agriculture representatives and provide with a varied program and best accommodation for your group in all cases. We expertly combine agricultural technical programs with tourist and cultural highlights.

The assistance and support of the group from our qualified tour guides guarantees you a comprehensive insight into the peculiarities of the regional agriculture.

The range of our specialist agricultural tours is wide. Main topics include:

  • Dairy cattle and milk production
  •  Feed supply
  •  Poultry farming
  •  Beekeeping
  •  Cattle
  •  Horse breeding and horse husbandry
  •  Viticulture
  •  Organic farming
  •  Industrial crops
  •  Cereals and grain legumes ...

Services include:

  • Accommodation
  • All transfers according to the program
  • Food: half or full board
  • Continuous German speaking tour guide during your stay in Ukraine
  • All entrance fees according to the program
  • Informative guided tour, incl.professional lectures
  • Related excursions, visits to trade fairs etc.

Based on your specifications, we can provide you with a personalized well-balanced professional and cultural program.