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City trips are beloved among tourists. The most convenient reason is that for the city tour you can take one or two days off and within such a short time you have a chance to see another city and dive into the foreign culture with its’ local specialties. That’s why there is no better alternative for the weekend or feasts than extending your geographical and cultural horizons. It’s also a good chance in such a short period live over a lot of adventures, meet new people, explore another culture, try local cousin, see architectural heritage and much more.

Ukraine offers you a variety of fascinating cities with unique attractions, strong historical background, and variety of cultural events. Among others, there are three “must see” cities in Ukraine: Kiev (Kyiv) - the capital of Ukraine, Odessa - seaport city and a pearl on the Black sea and, of course, inspiring and charming city of Lviv (Lvov). We warmly invite you to explore our city tour offers to Kiev (Kyiv), Odessa and Lviv (Lvov).